President and Founder Of All Seeing Colorado: Cuno Hansen


Cuno Hansen, founder and president of All Seeing Colorado, a company dedicated to the establishment of the American industrial hemp Industry by creating the supply and forming strategic partnerships with professionals in their field of study combined with vision to develop new hemp innovations. After spending over a decade working his way up the ladder from apprentice to general foreman in one of the most dangerous trades in the world, an electrical power-lineman,
Cuno knows what truly drives an organization and it’s production, dedicated professional teamwork who are masters at their craft— developing a new
industry is not dependent on one entity, it takes a group of entities that are passionate toward goals on all aspects of that industry to succeed and maintain success.
Cuno has been organizing a collective workforce for the last 2
years, forming farming cooperatives, markets, and renewable innovations to help establish the American hemp industry to provide the most beneficial outlets for all sectors of the plant—“At All Seeing Colorado, we thrive through our admiration and respect of the environment to ensure and preserve the beauty of Colorado and our Nation for future generations, utilizing renewable resources in development, planning and marketing.”
President Of Operations/ Partner: Jonathan Silvey
Jonathan Silvey Is a Texas native from Decatur, Texas. His better half Jessica Silvey and there three beautiful kids Oakley Lane Silvey, Cooper O’dell Silvey and Ryan Zaxen Blayne Silvey are what drives him to be the best leader he knows how to be. He has worked on the drilling side of the power line industry and has held many operations management positions in the oil and gas industry. He specialized in pipeline completions and well completions within the oil field industry. He has managed any where from 15-100 personnel underneath his leadership with numerous projects and deadlines on his shoulders at any one time. He did so with the same motto and daily goal that never changed " Complete my teams task and daily goals in a timely, safe manner. So that all the personnel i was leading, get home safely to there family’s the same way they showed up to work". Cuno Hansen (cousin of Jonathan Silvey) embraced him and gave him the opportunity to join the HEMP industry and become part of the All Seeing Colorado Leadership Team. He has given up all comfortability coming into this industry, but the All Seeing Colorado team knows his management skills and his mind set of " Doing the Job Right is a huge asset to our company. " The day i got to Colorado and met the All Seeing Colorado team, I knew that this is where God wanted me to be and he put me here for a reason. I trusted in Gods timing and because of that i have found my FOREVER HOME here at All Seeing Colorado".  “To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we may become, then we will be successfully”.
President of Sales: Saber Stuard
Saber Stuard is a Texas native from Terrell, Texas! His significant other Mikayla Medanich and there three kids Faithlynn Marie, Pasiley Grace, and Whitten Hayes are what fuels his motivation and daily drive to be one of All Seeing Colorados best leaders. Saber has held COO positions for two fortune 500 companies in the oil and gas industry as well has held several operation management titles in the same industry. He specializes in public relations, sales, and management of large personnel operations. Since Sabers arrival at All Seeing Colorado, he has worked with every division within our company. Because of his timeless dedication to learning this industry with our different divisions, he is able to communicate with customers in this industry on a level that most others cant. His motto every day is 
" Be honest with your work, stay true to your morals and let the product sell it self. If you cant sell a product being honest and dont whole heartedly believe in the product you sell, than you have No business selling it!"! Sabers ability to develop long lasting relationships as well as manage multiple departments here at All Seeing Colorado, has opened the door to a clientele we have always wanted to attract with our team. His willingness to learn and to be the best at what he does, has made him an amazing asset to have here with the All Seeing Colorado Family. Having lost his mother to cancer at such a young age, he is very passionate about this industry and truly believes that if there was a CBD treatment for his mother before her death, she would have had a better chance at fighting off the horrible disease we know as cancer. Saber says " i do this job because i truly love helping people, i get to sell a product that is changing peoples lives daily. I will dedicate my life to this industry, with hopes that no kid has to burry there parent like i had to."